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Out of Focus

Gerry has long been living with two cars in his garage. His Peugeot 206 was an ongoing modifying project that he has been building up over a period of years with a mix of different parts he liked along the way. Having a 206 GTI is for some a fast enough car to own, but the 206 had stiff rivalry in Gerry's garage. It shared its home turf with a Ford Focus RS. Not exactly a fair fight. So after discussing with Greg and Matt, they devised a way to get the extra power from his 206 that it needed to show face.

It was brought into the Ecosse workshop to be supercharged so the tricked up Focus could at least find a worthy playmate. After many months, Gerry had prepared his car with a Tarox 10 pot big brake conversion, Bilstein coil over suspension and adorned a selection of body parts added all coated in a custom purple. Most people might have been happy with those additions but not Gerry he wanted more!

He opted to upgrade to Esquiss Virtual parts to make his styling more complimentary to his existing parts, then a Bluesport bonnet de-badged with the original bonnet vent area smoothed over. When Gerry decided to change the original purple, he was sure he still wanted purple but with a twist of blue. Trawling through loads of colours we finally found a PPG Harlequin that soft flipped between blue and purple, maybe some would say it was called burple. He was now smitten with his chosen colour, so now it was full steam ahead with the bodywork.

While the body parts were being fitted and tweaked by Gerry’s instruction there were extra parts infiltrating the project such as the WRC Roof spoiler, flushed tailgate, Porsche mirrors, Virtual splitters, Devil twin exhaust, black lexus rear lights, Ecosse Badgeless grille, Ecosse boot button popper etc. The lure of airbag suspension was too much as him as his car needed to have an element of practicality due to killer speed bumps that was in his local area, so off with the coil overs and on with the air bags.

Gerry was never shy in changing something on his car, and as you can imagine his wheels got changed through his morphing. He finally settled on Khan RSS 17” which he wanted colour coded graphite to use as a contrast against the harlequin purple/blue.

Dressing the engine was the next step and there was a lot of it to dress. To bring the harlequin colour to the engine bay the rocker cover was painted and detailed as was the battery cover. The Ecosse real carbon fibre strut brace managed to give stability and beauty in the one product stretching across the engine bay. This complimented the carbon fibre air filter which has a dedicated air induction feed via the quad headlight conversion. In turn the supercharged engine happily pushes out a whopping 273bhp! That’s almost double to power this little car left the factory with.

Although there is always something else to do, Gerry’s interior was not exactly standard as the car had Sparco seats and trimmed up accessories previous to his second phase, but luckily they don’t look to out of place. (Although it wouldn’t be totally out of character for Gerry to change this in the near future)

His desire to have the sounds finished off has resulted in a rather spectacular show and shine of his own. Audiobahn subs and amps brought the bling and the playstation was colour coded to the harliquinn with the controllers to give Gerry and passengers a chance to play on the drop down TV in the rear. Either way this car entertains the senses, with or without a Playstation. It captivates the sight with its changing paint work, lets you have an exhilarating experience in the driving seat, and an audio overload in your ears. If that doesn’t leave your senses racing then frankly having fun isn’t for you. Gerry clearly is a man who is never technically finished with his projects but has given this lucky pug a chance to hold its little badge high next to its Focus foe.
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