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Normally writing a little story about how a project car has come to pass has a very clear start, fairly large middle and sometimes a finish. Mind you that’s if your lucky enough to do all the things you wanted to do without tinkering with it forever!

The thing is David had a plan to buy an ‘Esquiss Oxyde’ kit and get it fitted and painted. What’s next described is far from this simple sentence, as his kit parts were ordered and kept at Ecosse spanning a few months. Once they were ready to be dispatched, Greg gave him a call to let him know they were good to go. Only then did we get an idea a project might be in the process of hatching.

David was obviously excited his car was ready to get its kit fitted so he made his bodyshop booking and decided to add the task of de-badging his front bumper onto the job. So everything was sorted, or so you would think. A few days later David phones Diane and tells her he fancied getting a respray, as he had felt the original paintwork wasn’t as glossy as he’d like. After another few weeks an interior upgrade to Cobra Misano’s with the rest of the interior custom trimmed to match. Smoothing the tailgate, then the detailing followed soon after, so you can guess the general order of additions.

In fact too many additions to mention followed which became almost addictive in the detail. The main task masters were the interior design, wheels and wing mirrors which became the hot topic of conversation. Every detail was discussed, computer generated up, discussed again then binned or applied. One thing for sure there was never a dull moment, as Diane and David’s enthusiasm brought lots of clever touches that made the car stand out from the crowd.

The original program of just fitting a ‘kit’ was rather wacked and they both knew it. Luckily David is the kind of guy who appreciates to have something special did not mean taking the fastest or easiest option. Although it can be a rather attractive way forward to compromise, David had a clear picture of what he wanted and it couldn’t be done any other way.

While the bodywork was underway, the search for the wheels became a night and day pastime for them to solve. After a multitude of different options that bounced back and forth the winning wheel that had the X factor was the U.S made 19” Spyders with diamond cut face. David unearthed these wheels while surfing the net, and quickly showed his find to Diane.

Once the wheels were fitting the design brief, Diane showed David how they would look painted with the tri colour scheme. After a few tweeks here and there the right wheels were ordered up in the offset to suit.

Every detail, and there were a few, was analysed and the interior design was nothing short of artwork. Each stitch had been lovingly considered and given its part to play in making this basic interior, feel and look like a well appointed, factory option from any prestige marque. Everything down to the tri colour top grade leather, stitched logo’s, painted dash detailing, Ecosse embroidered carpet mats gave the interior that quality feel. David still had small details such as the steering wheel to trim, pedals etc but that was going to be a later addition. Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither was this 207!

The VXR mirrors were the eureka moment from Diane who had unshakable belief that those mirrors would suit this 207 down to the ground. Good news for her as David believed in her vision too and they embarked on rail roading the prep shop into bringing the mod to life. The concept was straight forward while still in the mind, but Jas, the prep shop technician wasn’t quite as happy with the prospect of making them fit. As usual he delivered an outstanding job to something that shouldn’t have fitted at all. Needless to say it won’t be the first or last time Jas will be asked to perform miracles. His work was not in vain as the results were awesome.

The massive anodised black Tarox 10 pots, which houses the massive G88 340mm front discs were the last addition. Not to be left out the monster 330mm rear discs with a converted disc back axle are all signs of the engine power upgrade to happen in the future. The car is beautifully set on KW Coil Overs that are adjustable for height and damping to give extra control, whether he wants to go up or down. The exhaust tails that compliment the rear are all part of a custom made stainless steel system to suit the complete look.

To find all the details, some obvious, some not has made this car unique to David and what he wanted. He pushed some boundaries that others feared to do, not to impress but to enjoy his build his way with a little help from Ecosse.
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