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Project Impossible The title was certainly not thought up by us, but was the description Max Power magazine gave to their new project Peugeot 206 SW. The title we feel was of a dim expectation of what this quirky choice of car could deliver, but you can decide for the impossible was made possible?

Much to the general public's confusion this car was Max Power and Ecosse's preferred project choice of car to start the moddin' journey as we felt so it could give a little hope to all those owners who thought if their car wasnít three door hot hatch, then it could never be uber cool.

We like to think we have demonstrated before that estates can be viewed as an excellent base model. Thinking out of the box isn't easy when your car looks like at a typical family practical wagon. Letís face it in its standard form it doesn't exactly scream 'cruise in me'. Luckily we had a plan.

You know how its' great to look for the best in people, well I suppose here at Ecosse we kinda do the same with pugs. Whatever creation Peugeot has produced from factory, we hope that we can help to enhance the design so the car will stand apart from the thousands of others clones roaming the roads.

The sports models are always the first in the queue to have attention lavished upon them by tuners and accessory designers. This is fine if you have the top model, you can then cherry pick your mods. Start getting into the SW, Sedan, 5 doors, even cabs you can find yourself in a strange parts wilderness that forces you into making parts fit.

Millsy at Max Power championed the cause to give this Aegean blue 206 SW an Ecosse make over. Peugeot & Max Power magazine had been working together on some promotional ads when Millsy hatched the idea that a 206 SW should become part of the next Max Power project car, Millsy had always been a strong supporter of our style and wanted to give us a free hand to do what most owners would hesitate to try the unknown. Although a big budget was not on the cards with a little help from House of Kolor, Esquiss and ourselves we managed to piece together an estate with a difference.

Having the initial vision of a tri colour scheme with different textures really pushed Scott our master painter and Peter at House of Kolor to pull the stops out. After an afternoon of matching metallic chocolate brown, Mat coffee and glossy cream from the House of Kolor paint range. The colour scheme was delicately blended to co-ordinate with each other. We fitted a Cayman front bumper, Esquiss Auto SW rear bumper & Esquiss virtual side skirts, with Esquiss SW arch extensions, and Esquiss roof spoiler with side repeaters. Although extra touches such as debadging, flushing the tailgate and the back doors the car was lending itself to a Euro styled station wagon with a twist of American retro.

In conception this car became fully formed, within weeks of throwing some ideas around. It needed to have wire wheels, as Andy Quirkes yellow 206 was a firm favourite of Millsy's and we simply couldn't imagine this project impossible with anything else. So 18" wires were firmly on the menu, which was donated from John at Bling Rims.

The word 'practically' was used in conversation, so air suspension seems a logical answer to avoid those pesky speed bumps. The highly desirable Lowered Ecosse air suspension was fitted which totally transformed the normally jacked to the max estate to an aero dynamic low rider.

In the original concept a roof box had always featured in the designs and making this box a matching tri colour effort just seemed the right way to go. The roof box was kindly supplied by Halfords, but that was the easy bit, as we had to rub away all the rough texture on the box so it would give the desired glossy smooth effect on top of the roof. (that orange peel effect really isn't a good look not even on a roof box!)

All modding plans technically should be put into action in an ideal world but this little 206 never quite got all its dreams come true. The interior was going to next to complete its journey, along with a little diesel tuning magic but this was not possible. Millsy who was this little car's greatest fan moved onto better things in his journalistic career and the car was left with no one to push on its final plans for completion. It was left in a no mans land for at least a year until Peugeot took the car back into their care and luckily ended up being given a new home at the Coventry Transport Museum. It was the first modified car adorn floor space as an exhibit and although the car had already been featured in Max Power, it was kindly let out the door for a day by Gary Hall who is the present chief executive to have another photo shoot by Performance French Car Magazine.

So maybe this car didn't get everything to finish it off, but there isn't many modified Peugeot's that are sitting pretty in a museum getting admired as a piece of Peugeot history!

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