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Graeme's Virtuel Dream

Everyone's led to believe that if you aspire to buy a body kit that may have been on the same type of car, possibly in the same hemisphere, your effort is some what written off. Making your car individual is what drives us all to modify, but doesn't mean good design should stop you having the look you want regardless if itís a off the shelf production.

Graeme while still at school was inspired by Ecosse's very first project 206 that you'll find within these website pages. The car adorned the front cover of Max Power in 2001, where Ecosse's silver Virtuel kitted 206 heralded the start of modifying for this model.

This might feel a rather long time ago for some, but Graeme has never been able to shake the idea that one day, once he left school, got a job, passed his test, bought a 206 and then visited Ecosse. He would be ready to create his very own version of the long admired cover car from the past.

He pondered on other styles just to exercise the process of being sure, but no surprise he was still loved up with the curvy kit that had become iconic in his eyes. So after many years of waiting to hatch his plan, Graeme's unshakable desire to have his very own Virtuel kit was becoming reality.

They say that good design never goes out of fashion and in these days of changing something for the sake of making it different. Graeme's attitude was simply to build his ideal car that he felt was achievable, not to satisfy forum critics or build the next cover car. He did it to get first hand experience of the modifying journey with a cost he could afford.

He had always fancied a set of Khan Wheels to compliment the 206, which he felt was a tried and tested combo that Ecosse had done previously. A little extra spend was needed to get these wheels painted graphite grey, but it was worth it. Eighteen inch was obviously tempting but again going for practicality for everyday use the seventeen's ticked all the boxes.

In reality no one wants a complete carbon copy of someone else's car. There's a world of difference between using an inspirational car for ideas, or having a distinct lack of imagination to do your own thing. With a little guidance Graeme managed to inject a few personal finishing details that gave the car its own personality. Its metallic graphite grey detailing now extended to the wheels, bumpers, side mouldings and splitters which sat in perfect contrast to the main colour of Aegean blue. We agreed introducing this darker more menacing look gave the whole car an aggressive edge. Adding the black mask headlamps, Black Led rear clusters and smoked repeaters ensured the lights complimented the theme.

This Esquiss 206 Virtuel kit was presented the way the designer intended with very little changed from the original concept. Possibly one of the closest off the shelf productions that Ecosse have done, but still it turns heads. Perfect quality and finish that comes with brackets, lights, wiring harness, relays, wire mesh and protective internal splash guards all round. Thatís a real kit with well thought out extras that the fakes can't deliver.

All along Graeme knew his limits and couldn't afford to choose the wrong wheels or body kit. His major decisions have been settled from tried and tested looks that gave him the confidence to progress. Many people sadly spend twice or three times over and still don't achieve happiness with their final look. He took care and only wanted to execute this once. His genuine appreciation of our work and his unfailing trust in our ability to deliver his Virtual dream was our pleasure to build, and now his pride and joy to drive.

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