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Car With Chemistry!

An Oxyde kitted 207. Been done before I hear you say! Well you're right but we think no one could accuse these cars of looking the same.

Jay is no stranger to the modified car scene and when he decided to defect to the Peugeot fraternity his enthusiasm could not be doubted. So much so his planning spanned a good 18 months before the shiny new 207 made its way to Ecosse.

His meticulous planning went as far as speaking with us before he made his purchase so he could be assured he had the best model possible to start his Ecosse 207 project. Buying a white car was not by chance, as having this colour was all part of the initial concept.

When Jay told us he was about to take delivery of his new car, it was fair to say that the Ecosse phone number was saved to Jay’s mobile, possibly speed dial? We only hoped he was getting a ‘family & friends’ discount on his phone bill, as his long awaited plans were about to become reality, excited was an understatement.

Everyone knows buying a new car drains the pocket and Jay managed to devise a basic plan of what was needing to be purchased and what the approximate cost of fitting and painting would be. After working this out, Jay paced himself over the next 6 months to get prepared for stage one.

He had some minor problems with the car at the dealer, which on a number of occasions left him a little despondent about warranty issues, but after these were ironed out he started to have fun planning his mods.

Buying the parts were more or less the easy part as we had debated on the most cost effective but coherent way of kitting up the 207. Being careful to only consider parts that would avoid the car to be over done. Sporty, simple, clean but aggressive was all the key words we wanted this car to achieve. Although we had already done a fairly low key 207 when they were first launched Jay's 207 promised to raise the game for all 207's.

This is the basic styling of the car:

Esquiss Auto Oxyde kit, comprising of front & rear bumpers with side skirts with a twin exit exhaust option. This was chosen with an Esquiss Auto Rallye Oxyde Roof spoiler, added to give a more streamline stance.

Once Jay had found a window of time to drop the car off, we discussed the future plans of wheels and exhaust. He knew someone who could do the manufacture of the exhaust in London. This at least would give Jay a financial breather to get the exhaust done at a later date.

Generally it’s a common mistake for people to get exhaust systems first then buy a kit later, leaving you forced to make expensive modification changes to the kit to house the exhaust tailpipes. Luckily Jay took our advice early on in the planning stages, which left him free to make the best position choices of his tailpipes.

The wheels had been on the wish list for sometime, we knew the size, we knew the style, we even knew the colour they would be painted. What we didn't know was they were going to gate crash stage one with no regard for Jay's budget! Jay didn't know this either but the lure was too much as he folded like a deck chair when a very favourable price came Jay's way from a man in the wheel business, it was just rude to say no!

We always knew they were going to be the killer item that would make this car uber cool, but the funds for the wheels at this stage had not been factored in, never mind painting them or tyres!. But he did, and to be honest its the closest thing we've seen Jay make an impulse buy on! What a great impulse it was!

Painting them white was a given, as they came in silver originally. By now Jay and myself were trying to quantify the spend on the wheels by convincing each other about why it made good economic sense to do the wheels now, opposed to later, reasons such as...

"since the wheels are fresh they will take less preparation, thus cheaper to paint"

"were mixing paint up anyway"

"It will save me coming up from London later, saving me petrol and time"

"It will save on carriage by sending the wheels down once there painted, they could get damaged in transit"

The stark truth of the matter was we were both desperate to see these wheels painted and on, It became a border line obsession. We had visualised these wheels to be right for this car early on, and now they were coming ahead of schedule, it was really starting to come together.

Once Jay left Ecosse, the wheels were sent direct to us a few days later and we set to work. After wheels are painted generally they are best left for 3 - 5 days to harden even after a bake in our paint shop oven. This insures the paint is not ripped or scuffed when putting the tyres back on. Due to the tight time factor (so tight it was squeaking, due to all this extra stuff going on!) we could not put the tyres on, so Jay had to take them away to harden for a further few days to get the tyres put on locally. We knew they would look great but once on they were nothing short of perfection.

The last minute decision to buy and paint the wheels on this budget was now truly compounded by the smoothing of the tailgate. We guess Jay may have been tipped over the edge with the wheels meltdown and thought, stuff it might as well push the boat out.

Plans are often made, and changed on the eleventh hour. Normally with problems to be solved under extreme pressure. Quick decisions born from a light bulb moment can make the car just extra special. This was exactly what happened as a suggestion of more red was introduced at the closing stages of painting.

Previously the red decals were set to be removed. Imagine Jay's dilemma when we suggested introducing more red, not removal! Not only was everything running on a super tight schedule, the worry of the additional red being a risk truly played on Jay's mind. So much so he got bought a Photoshop package that night to play with the ideas that we had suggested.

The only down side is he only had thirty six hours to confirm the placement of the red or it would have to default back to black. Although a little drama saves any project from being boring, it was just too much on the wire for all involved, extra work, plus more detailing equals less time.

The decision day arrived, Jay had ping’d a few ideas back and forward. Finally, when he was happy with a basic layout we proceeded to mask up the waiting parts.

Secretly Jay still had a little apprehension on seeing the real thing, but his unwavering trust in our vision paid dividends.

The outcome, was nothing short of stunning. As you can imagine Jay is never short of admirers of his 207 and he still has many wishes on his modification list.

Coil-overs, roll cage and interior mods are to name a few. Anyone who knows Jay will know the discussion that goes into his choices, and so far this has resulted in a well turned out show car, for a fraction of the cost, namely due to doing things at the right time, in the right order, with the right parts and of course with the right company!

Jay's car should inspire present and future 207 owners to have the confidence to modify, as their model will no doubt become the car that lends itself to customisation on a whole new level. This is only the beginning... To be continued…..

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