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Andy is the little brother of Wes with the green 206 (see project car list) He might be the younger sibling but with Andy's multiple personalities on tow you can guarantee there would never be a dull moment with him around.

A dramatic entrance with the helicopter dropping in one day to visit, you can't but help think these folks know how to do things in style. Enjoying the good fortune of wealth is one thing but being blessed with an entertaining personality like Andy's is pure gold, and couldn't be bought for all the money in the world. There's no mistake this guy will definitely carve a career on the telly, which some of his magic can be shared with the masses. Strangely enough it wasn't so apparent in the beginning as Wes looked like he was the instigator of modifying these 206's but if that was the case Andy's acting abilities to come across as shy and with trepidation were swept away with adventurous ideas and willingness to stamp his personality firmly onto his dream project car. We could never have known how wacky Andy's true colours were, but his choice of House of Kolor Yellow with Blue ICE pearl probably should have given us some indication, that he wasn't a guy who wanted to fade into the background!

Although his car shares components from Wes's 206 project, Andy's car is a different animal. It has the impact front wings and rear quarters, but has Toxic side skirts, Cayman front bumper and a heavily modified impact rear bumper. It had a Vella bonnet which had the centre vent completely turned in the opposite direction and it had a Cayman roof spoiler to finish. Sounds pretty straight forward but the car adorned a super smooth look that really needed a set of wheels that would make a point, and after much debate a set of 18" Player Wire Wheels were chosen. Certainly a bold statement but these giant lemon squeezers wrapped in Toyo tyres left no doubt that this car had a personality of its own. Choosing these wheels might be a love it hate it moment for some but something totally different they certainly are.

Since its arrival on the scene its adorned many a magazine front cover from Spain, France, Ireland and of course the U.K. This car has definitely enjoyed much more than its 15 minutes of fame and is a true reflection of Andy's individual, colourful qualities that we think has been captured in this build. Andy's spoof of 'Pimp my Ride' aka 'Skanger me Banger' leaves you in no doubt Andy doesn't take things too seriously. Luckily for us we didn't have his most famous character 'Damo' as our customer; otherwise it might have ended something like this.

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