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Pug Fairytale

This story couldn’t really be written in its entirety, as time wouldn’t allow a novel –esk account of how these cars came to be.

Not that the whole project wasn’t memorable and we weren’t going to forget someone calling you on the phone to ask if you had a helipad or clear area to land their helicopter one Saturday afternoon. We thought it was a hoax, so imagine our surprise by hear the heli’s blades thundering over our building.

No doubt you’ve read the magazines and feasted your eyes on the front covers by now so some of this story maybe old news but still makes a mighty fine pug fairytale. Once upon a time there were two brothers …..

Treating each car as an individual is something that has always been done from the very beginning. Charismatic duo, Wes and Andy certainly had some jovial sibling rivalry that assured us it was never going to be a dull project for either of us.

So since we originally thought Wes was the instigator of the 'moddin' we will start with his journey.

After a few long conversations about what the grand plan was, Wes turned out to be a closet modifier with his little 1.1 206 at home in Ireland. Although he had already kitted the car out in a Toxic II kit, he felt it lacked special attention regards clever details, such as interior, specialist paint and power under the bonnet. First of all Wes had a look around our bodyshop and seen a plethro of Ecosse creations all at difference stages. After absorbing the possibilities of what we could do a basic wish list was compiled. The usual suspects of lambo doors, biggest engine possible and Nitrous appeared. Once the merits and pitfalls were discussed of every mod we started to come to some serious conclusions. What Wes really needed to start with was a 206 180 stock car and start his mods from there.

Modifying is about making the car the best it can be but if being brutally honest if the choice was available to start with a higher standard spec it sometimes it becomes more economical to do it that way. I know using the word 'economical' in this story seems rather misplaced but it was just plain sensible. So before we get bogged down in this area, a new 206 180 was purchased from our local dealer. Finally when the car came it was a stock Aegaen blue number with no idea how extensively worked on it would become. For a few weeks Wes toyed with the idea of keeping the stock colour as he really liked it, but his desire to have a truly unique colour on a 206 drove him to discover the House of Kolor Lime Time Green Pearl that totally excited the senses.

I think at this point Wes's imagination was on overdrive and emails and photos were bouncing back and forth with snippets and ideas. He was certainly getting into the spirit of the impending build, infact so much so I think Wes might have started the longest thread about his build on a 206 website-ever! With a daily if not weekly updates the whole 206 community was sharing in his excitement and curiosity of what happening and how it was going to turn out. It was a rather strange experience to hear a total stranger recount the information you just gave your customer an hour ago, cause he seen it on the forum.

Although the basic styling had been ironed out in the beginning there were of course few deviations along the way. Some resulted in back tracking and some made the car simply better due to the evolution of the original idea. Loads of people think these kind of cars are built within months but using classic styling with a little forward vision makes the difference between a car becoming dated quickly, or a car that can roll out on to the show circuit after a few years out and still wow the crowds, we'd like to think these cars were capable of doing just that.

The attention to detail on this car continued into the interior where the 180 seats were re trimmed with matching leather and the painted interior became a fest of graphite, black, green and a kick of chrome. The centre console pods to the embossed ecosse logo on the roof lining all screamed quality but in a very non in 'your face' tone. The car was coming together but finding the wheels to shod this extraordinary pug led us to H.RE who provides wheels for U.S stars and the likes. Clearly they were not cheap but they were right on the money for this car. Wes's choice on these 18" captivating chromes really set the car off with its deep dish rims. Although 19" could have gone on we were all in agreement that 18" was the better size, especially since the air suspension could slam the car to its knees.

Sadly choosing the biggest option is not always right one and often leave the car looking like a cartoon caricature which ends up making the wheels the main feature, instead of harmonising the whole project. Wes's wheels were a quality choice in with the right balance.

Obviously every part of Wes's car inspired debates whether it was the Porsche 911 turbo tailpipes or how the sound system should be laid out. Throughout the build a constant growth of ideas were being developed which was fuelled by brotherly rivalry. The Ecosse Air Suspension, massive Tarox Ferrari Style 10- Pot Brakes and Esquiss Impact wings and quarters were there common ground they seemed to share without conflict. Every other part had a change or mod that made them unique. For example the Vella bonnet that they both loved and wouldn't back down on, managed to become a one off for both of them.

Luckily U.N peace keepers never had to be called for any flash points during the build but I'm sure there were a few lively discussions in their household regards who was building the better car!

The crazy thing was like any build everyone, even the project manager, our tradesmen, visiting customers and anyone else who witnessed these morphing 206's just couldn't help liking one more than another. The most amusing thing was this switched throughout the build about whose camp you were in that month. Just when you thought the other car was fantastic, the green 206 just had the edge, then yellow one would get its wheels and change your mind, and so on.

This continued throughout the build and of course Inti's Orange 206 was included in the fray to properly confuse everyone.

Instead of listing reams of tech spec we've left that job to mags as I don't even think they have touched on how much thought, effort and passion was poured into building this lime time beauty. Yeah Wes was not exactly financially challenged on this project but it wasn't a free reign either. Just because your budget might be bigger it doesn't make the owner less interested, involved or passionate about how the car turns out. If we were all perfectly honest, we would all love to be in that position ourselves but why use it as an excuse to pigeon hole a fortunate person. Wes earned his right to buy what he wanted and how he chose to do it.. He learned on the way that some things took time to do, regardless of how fast he wanted to get it done. All modified car owners go through same journey whatever size their project is, but what a colourful, exciting journey it was.

Since the car has been done Wes has certainly been busy, now a fully fledged helicopter pilot you'd think this was the icing on a super cool story. Well he's found a cherry to put on top as his girlfriend Rosanna (Former Miss World) make a lovely addition to his life. So we can safely say Wes certainly is never green with envy.

If you would like the chance to own a great love in Wes's life (no were not talking about Rosanna, but the car) then call us today as Wes is moving on to pastures new.

The car will be at our open day on the 21st October for any viewing. We are happy to discuss any reasonable offers. We would love to give this car a good home.
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