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Silicone Inlet and Breather Hose for Peugeot
£118.80 (Inc vat) Pair
207 Powerflex Rear Lower Engine Mount
£22.74 (Inc vat) Kit
207 BMC CDA Induction Kit
From £240.00 (Inc vat)  £216.00 (Inc vat) Kit
4mm Silicone Vacuum Tubing
£84.00 (Inc vat) 3Meters
Boost Gauge Adaptor
£28.74 (Inc vat) Each
Oil Catch Tank Kit
£359.10 (Inc vat) Kit
K & N 57i Induction Kit
From £165.35 (Inc vat) Kit
K & N 57i Gen II Induction Kit
£248.89 (Inc vat) Kit
K & N Apollo Induction Kit
£189.50 (Inc vat) Kit
K & N Replacement Panel Filter
£45.71 (Inc vat) Each
207 Green Cotton Induction Kit
£124.79 (Inc vat) Kit
207 Green Cotton Panel Air Filter
£52.10 (Inc vat)
Pipercross Induction Kit
£110.29 (Inc vat) Kit
Forge Silicone Turbo Hoses for Peugeot 207 GT and GTi Turbo
£100.80 (Inc vat) Each
Forge Silicone Intake and breather hose for Peugeot 207 Turbo
£108.00 (Inc vat) Each
Forge Induction Kit for Peugeot 207 GT Turbo
£206.98 (Inc vat) Each
Forge Peugeot Turbo uprated valve
£199.28 (Inc vat) Kit
207 GTi Mandrel bent alloy boost pipes
£184.52 (Inc vat) Each
Samco Turbo Petrol Hoses
From £64.49 (Inc vat)
Powertec Induction Kit
£102.07 (Inc vat) Kit
Forge Intercooler Kit
£824.23 (Inc vat) Each
Pipercross Panel Air Filters
£35.99 (Inc vat) Each
Forge 207 Pair of Silicone coolant hoses.
£78.06 (Inc vat) Each
207 GT/GTi Forge Blow off Valve
£60.00 (Inc vat) Each