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Matthew Collins and Diane Paterson are the business partners who have created Ecosse. The concept was born from a desire to modify and maintain Peugeots to a high standard. As they owned Peugeots themselves they really understood the frustration of the Peugeot owner who wanted to create their dream car. The lack of parts, accessories and knowledgeable Peugeot companies was all too evident in Scotland, but it has become obvious once Ecosse was up and running that it's niche was not only Scottish Pugs.

Matt and Diane joined the Peugeot Sport Club (formerly the GTI Club) to hopefully share info and ideas with like minded enthusiasts. A short time later Diane was becoming very involved with the running of the national side of the club. This was mainly due to her success in regenerating the Scottish section. Through Diane's contact with club members she started to realise that most members were experiencing similar problems, where to find creative styling, who to speak to about honest tuning advice and where to buy products that really do work! There were no Peugeot companies that could combine tuning, interior, exterior styling, suspension, brakes etc and had the passion to build new and diverse projects and put Peugeot into the limelight.

Through their own experiences of modifying Diane's 205 they knew there was a real need in the Peugeot sector for a good all round company that could innovate and pioneer new ways to take Peugeot modifying to it's peak. This is when Ecosse began to take shape.

Matt and Diane had been both so involved with Peugeots over a period of years that they were fast getting known as the people to speak to for information and advice. They had begun to locate unusual styling and tuning parts from France and they were now convinced that their own experience of modifying could help others to create special Peugeots through the expertise of Ecosse. The task of making Ecosse happen was more of a transition for Matt and Diane. They had always been searching for parts and service as enthusiasts.

The location of Ecosse was due to Diane and Matt staying locally which would make life easier for commuting every day. They wanted to make sure they weren't in a maze of industrial estates nor far from the major motorways. Though the workshop came from humble beginnings the real transformation can only truly be appreciated by looking at the photos. The workshop was renovated from sheer determination and a great belief by friends and family who gave their time to make Ecosse come alive. The Peugeot Sport Club members were just as involved in building the workshop and instigating it's creation. All the tradesmen were Peugeot owners from the plumbers, joiners, roofers to the builders and they gave their time in exchange for parts and labour on their own Pugs. It took the best part of a year but the workshop came to completion to allow Ecosse to open in February 1997.

Now Ecosse were starting to build their project cars which gave them magazine features in all the modified car magazines in the UK. Through these cars Peugeot owners were given new inspiration on what Ecosse could do about tuning and styling on thier own Peugeots. Pioneering engine projects that had never been attempted before started making their way from the Ecosse workshop. The first 406 turbo engine into a 306, V6 24V into a 306 cabrio, two door conversion sedan with a modified 360 bhp T16 engine and a Mk1 106 with a 106 1.6 16V engine transplanted. These are to name just a few.

As the name Ecosse is French for Scotland they wanted to make the French connection. This was their intention from the start as France is the Peugeot heartland. The French way of styling was a breath of fresh air in the UK market and Diane and Matt knew they could build amazing cars if the manufacturers/suppliers in France would join forces with them. Many French specialist companies have all been involved with Ecosse from the start. They built up a trusting and loyal relationship with each other. Ecosse ensures that the French products are protected and they make sure the products are shown in the best way possible. Ecosse will hopefully continue finding the best in France and the rest of the world and return it to the UK.

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