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Many of the older Peugeot sporting models such as the 106, 205 and 306 GTI and Rallye models are now becoming rare and widely regarded as classics. Finding a really clean well looked after example is becoming harder and many have been snapped up by enthusiasts either as affordable track cars or for restoration.

Parts are still readily available for these cars and now is the time to act to ensure the condition and enjoyment from your car for many years or even decades to come. The great looks of these cars and rewarding driving experience stands them above many modern so called hot hatches and ensures their place in the motoring greatness hall of fame.

We offer a full range of services to help revive your car or restore it to it's former glory. High mileage cars can feel tired and sloppy to drive but a few replacement parts is often all that's needed to revive the sparkle and make you realise why driving these cars makes us all feel so young again! The rewards don't end there either as they are holding their market values very well and a well looked after example is a sound investment.



All under one roof...

Our knowledge, facilities and experience allow us to offer everything needed to take these cars back to showroom condition.

  • Full body repair and restoration
  • Mechanical overhaul
  • Tuning and diagnostics
  • Trimming and repair service
  • New and refurbished parts available mail order
  • Sympathetic modification and modernisation