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Whether it's modifying or maintenance everyone wants to get the best from their car using the right parts with experienced people. Although some find it fun to get their hands dirty from time to time, Peugeots are renowned for their quirky and complex fixes that only specialists would know. Like many other manufacturers, Peugeot have employed computer technology to run many aspects of their newer cars. Electrical management faults are difficult for novices to diagnose and multi-make garages might know a little about many cars, but we know all about Peugeots.

When problems arise its good to know it can be assessed and repaired by an independent garage at a fraction of the dealership cost. You will also be pleasantly surprised Ecosse’s labour rate is highly competitive, which is often assumed to be higher due to our world class reputation for building hosts of cars for the modified car scene.

We have built 65 cover cars worldwide and have had countless feature cars, yet we have always been quietly servicing and repairing daily runners that don’t make media news, but are just as important. Taxis, driving schools, fleet and lease cars who cannot afford to have their vehicles off the road require the problem to be fixed fast and at the right cost, especially vital to cars that earn a living.

Our 8,000 sqft purpose built complex houses a Maha digital rolling road, specialist paint & prep shop, super tracker 4 wheel alignment which provides our customers with a complete in-house service that people travel far and wide to receive.

Due to the nature of the specialist work we have highly skilled staff that can perform a simple service to a supercharged engine conversion or scratch removal to a complete House of Kolor candy respray.

In short, we are your Peugeot one stop shop whether you're running a standard car or highly modified vehicle, it's rare to combine all these services for the one marque. This why Ecosse is proud to deliver their tuning & styling expertise, safe in the knowledge that their guidance will be honest, sound and enhance your Peugeot ownership experience.

Don’t just think about it, make your Free Intermediate Service Booking which includes a service stamp that maintains your factory warranty and will give you first hand experience of what we have to offer without spending a penny.


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